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The packaging

In the beginning there was an idea

The idea: Pack a chocolate in a cardboard box to give someone somewhere in the world a very personal pleasure.

The challenge: Develop a shipping packaging that, on the one hand, optimally protects the chocolate during shipping, but also looks equally appealing and can accommodate a personal greeting message that cannot be read by everyone.

The solution: a cardboard box with a flap, which must be closed with an adhesive strip like an envelope. A ripping strip was integrated to open to the open, which can be opened via a double perforation. The printing of the entire packaging is carried out in one step.

The packaging

How we print!


The packaging

We produce in selected print shops that meet both our high quality standards and our tight deadlines. Close contact with the print shop is very important to us, because this is the only way we can ensure that every single SchoggiMAIL reaches our customers perfectly.

In order to be as flexible as possible, we mainly use digital printing for our customer projects. While we produced our sales subjects in offset printing. Here we can produce large quantities and special finishing processes in a more optimal way.

In order to keep the production lines as short as possible, our printers work closely with our processors.


Our formats

In order to offer you the best possible solution, we have developed a number of formats from our idea that meet every demand. Our standard subjects, which you can buy in our shop, are all based on the original format. As variations, we also offer the SchoggiMAIL Card and SchoggiMAIL Card Plus. Here we do without the legendary flap and can offer a slightly cheaper price.


The processing


The original SchoggiMAIL packaging is crafted by hand in Swiss workshops for supervised work. Only in this way can we optimally fulfil the individual wishes of our customers and live up to our social responsibility.

No special packaging machines are used, but each ChocolateMAIL is individually packaged and inserted into the hand-glued packaging.

Afterwards, it goes directly to the customer or to our lettershop, where the SchoggiMAILs can be sent directly to the recipient.


The packaging

Environment and sustainability


We wrap the chocolate in aluminum foil to make it durable and protect against harmful Influences. No foil is needed around the packaging.

The rest is our specially designed packaging with many advantages. It is printed in a pass on both sides in high-quality printing processes. A very special copy for each recipient in large quantities or individually for each recipient. Thanks to the special tab, a personal message can be sent invisibly from the outside. No additional letter or card is required. All thanks to the SchoggiMAIL packaging made of one piece of cardboard.

The subject "Cow" can be found in our shop.
The subject “Cow” can be found in our shop.